25 Years of Humaneness

Caritas Alba Iulia celebrated 25 years of existence
The archdiocesan organization which coordinates the charitable activities gave thanks to God, on Sunday, October 4, in the city of residence of the archbishopric, for the 25 years which passed from its establishment. On this occasion a great number of Caritas workers and parishioners from many localities from Transylvania undertook a pilgrimage to the cathedral, guests and representatives of the partner organizations from abroad also joined them.    
The Solemn Holy Mass was presided by Archbishop Jakubinyi György and concelebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Tamás József and representatives of the clergy, the former leaders of the Caritas Transylvania: Vencser László and Szász János also were present, together with the current leadership: the manager Márton András and the spiritual director Sajgó Balázs.
Archbishop Jakubinyi György highlighted in his homily, that after the political changes, the late bishop Jakab Antal considered important and urged the establishing of Caritas, that was meant to serve the people as Márton Áron visioned it 50 years before.
The main objective of Caritas is to help, to practice love for the neighbour: to serve the human person, the poor, and the needy. This institution is meant to facilitate the organized form of charity. In the 25 years of its existence, the organization has extended and now is present in many localities to provide social assistance for the needy, also by organizing and conducting different social programs.
At the end of the Holy Mass, the manager Márton András thanked in three languages, first, the workers who in their daily activity try to strengthen the needy and suffering in their humanity and in the awareness of their dignity as human persons.
The Holy Mass was followed by an Agape in the garden of the Archbishop`s Palast with the possibility of free discussions and making new acquaintances.
Fábián Róbert/Vasárnap
English version: Teodora Dănescu SSS