"Behold, henceforth all generations shall proclaim me blessed"

Advent latern - 2021

The thoughts of Bishop Emeritus Tamás József

Tuesday, December 21
The meeting of the two women, the Blessed Virgin Mary and her relative, Elizabeth, is one of the key events of the history of our salvation, otherwise it would not have been recorded in the Gospel of St Luke. Elizabeth calls Mary blessed among women, calls her the Mother of the Lord and proclaims her blessed and happy because of her faith. Throughout history, our Church, following in Elizabeth's footsteps, has fulfilled Our Lady's prophecy, which she said in her praising hymn: "Behold, henceforth all generations shall proclaim me blessed." (Lk 1,48) I am a true child of my heavenly Mother, if I honour and love her and strive to live according to her example.