"God is gracious"

Advent latern - 2021

The thoughts of Bishop Emeritus Tamás József

24 December
Many people are named John, and may not know that this name means "God is gracious". It is the name given to John the Baptist because it was the name God had told his father to name him when he announced the birth of his child. God was merciful to the parents of John the Baptist because he granted their heart's desire and blessed the childless couple with a child. God's mercy was shown not only to them in this act, but also to all mankind, for John the Baptist was a forerunner of the coming of the greater mercy, the coming of His only begotten Son. At Christmas we celebrate this mercy of God. Therefore, thanksgiving and gratitude are the basis of our celebration. Like Zechariah himself, we praise our Lord, not only on these days of grace, but every day of our lives.