As He sees fit for our own good!

Advent latern - 2021

The thoughts of Dr. Jakubinyi György Archbishop Emeritus 

Wednesday, December 15.

Luke 7,19-23: The mission of John the Baptist

St. John the Baptist, the forerunner, puts the two arrivals of the Lord Jesus in perspective: Christmas and the end of the world at the Last Judgement. That is why he is disturbed in prison at hearing the news that Jesus, whom he pointed out three times on the banks of the Jordan: "Behold the Lamb of God, behold him who takes away the sins of the world", is not judging but proclaiming forgiveness. When our desires are not fulfilled, when it seems that God does not listen to our prayers, let us remember that the Lord Jesus is indeed the promised Messiah who has redeemed the world and will grant all our requests that are for the good of our souls, not as we would like, but as He sees fit for our own good!