May the holy family be our support

Advent latern - 2021

The thoughts of Bishop Emeritus Tamás József

Sunday 26 December, Feast of the Holy Family
With the Fall, the Evil One has entered our human world. His perversion manifests itself in many ways in our lives. We also experience traces of his corruption in our family life. Nowadays his corruption is even more present, visible in the life of families. Under the Sun of Satan ("Sous le soleil de Satan"): the title of the novel by the French writer Georges Bernanos expresses this fact. Marriage and family life as envisioned by God has fallen under the dominion of Satan, and so there are fewer and fewer sacramental marriages and faithful family life, but more civil marriages, or even more so cohabitation, the cohabitation of same-sex couples. It is not really the institution of marriage that is in crisis under Satan's sun or rather shadow, but mankind. The human being has become distant from God, does not want to respect God's idea of humanity. The Year of the Family, which the Holy Father has proclaimed, seeks to bring humanity back to its roots, to make the family what it should be. May the holy family be our support and help so that our people may have many holy families.