Prepare yourselves for the coming of the Saviour

Advent latern - 2021

Sunday 12 December, The 3rd Sunday of Advent: Luke 3,10-18

The thoughts of Dr. Jakubinyi György Archbishop Emeritus 

St John the Baptist says: prepare yourselves for the coming of the Saviour! When St. John the Baptist was asked how to prepare for the coming of the Saviour, "What shall we do?", he answered the people, and he specifically addressed the tax collectors and the soldiers. He underlined that they should practise charity, do their duty and be content with their official income. All this is also true for us. This is how we must prepare for Christmas, the feast of the coming of our Lord. Since we are living in a salvific and eternal Advent, we await the glorious second coming of our Lord Jesus at the end of the world.