Think of Him today

Advent latern - 2021

The thoughts of Bishop Emeritus Tamás József

23 December
Gyula Juhász, the Hungarian poet, in his poem "The Nativity Carol", calls us: "Oh, people, think of him today!" At this time of the year, at Christmas, we can think of many things. We can think of the spirit of Christmases gone by, of the gifts we have received, of the joy of togetherness, but also of the stifling poverty, of lost loved ones, of distant relatives, of depressing loneliness. Oh, people, think of him today! Let us put everything aside for now and think of Him who is at the centre of our Christmas, who willingly became human, who was not indifferent to our fate, who was born in a poor cave, yet whose name is Emmanuel, which means God is with us. Let us remember him and worship him with the shepherds, proclaim this gospel with the angels, bring our most precious gifts to him with the three wise men.